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N.LOUKATOS & Associates S.A. was founded in 1993 and is seated in Athens. The Company is registered in the Designers / Researchers Archive of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transports and Networks (former YPEHODE), holding E’ class certificates in categories 8 (Static Studies), 21 (Geotechnical studies), 10 (Transport studies) and 16 (Topographic studies). The company also holds C’ class certificate in category 20 (Geological studies) and A’ class certificate in category 11 (Port studies). The benefits from the application of the new technologies and the constant training of the staff are key factors for the development of the company. The produced know-how renders “N.LOUKATOS & Associates” competitive against the demands of the International Market.


The exclusive collaboration with big, specialized companies of worldwide scope provides to our company the ability of expanding its fields of activity, strengthening the company’s position, claiming continuously a bigger share of the market. Amongst the various collaborations that have been achieved, so far, with multinational consultants companies, those with D2 CONSULT Dr.Wagner Dr.Schulter ZT-GmbH, IMM BERATENDE INGENIEURE GmbH & Co, RAMBOLL DANMARK A/S, ARCADIS CONSULT GmbH stand out immediately.


The continuous collaboration of the Company with Public and Private institutions that deal with infrastructure projects grants the company with success and recognition in its fields of activities, with rhythms of growth capable to correspond to the needs and the dynamics of the New Economy.